O'Spit Programme of Events
The following is the official programme for the O'Spit.

Note that there will also be a pre-spit meal on the evening of Thursday 15th at the Martello in Bray.

Registration: The Registration session has been cancelled, as nearly everyone is going on the Boyne Valley trip. Your delegate packs will he handed out on that trip. If you are not going on that trip, collect your delegate pack from reception when you check in, or on Friday afternoon - whichever is later.

Friday 16 November
08:45am Lobby/Car Park Gather for trip to Boyne Valley
9:00am-5:30pm Coach Pre-Spit trip to the historic Boyne valley area to see Newgrange (the world-famous megalithic tomb), Royal Tara (the legendary place of the High Kings of Ireland and according to Mary Stewart the place where Merlin got the King Stone for his father’s tomb!), and the hill top church where St. Patrick drove the snakes from Ireland. We’ll probably stop for lunch at the Newgrange visitor centre, where a good selection of snacks is available.
6:30-7:30pm O'nophrion's O’Spit dinner in O’Tel
7:45pm Lobby Welcome speech (everyone please, even if you're not coming on the Comhaltas Trip), and gather for trip to Comhaltas
8:00pm to late Coach Visit by Coach to Comhaltas Ceoltoiri n Eireann for an evening of traditional music and the chance to learn to River Dance.

Saturday 17 November
7:30-8:30am Onophrion's Breakfast in the O'Tel
9:00-10:30am Nicholas Room King Hereafter - Heike Meyer
10:30-11:00am Car Park/
Lymond Room

O'fficial Photo in Car Park outside (to be taken by Marc Line), to be followed by Break for Tea/Coffee and chat in the O'Tel


Nicholas Room

Memories of Dorothy Dunnett
1:00-2:00pm Onophrion's Lunch in the O'Tel
2:00-3:30pm Nicholas Room
Lymond Room
Group 1: Dunnett and the Irish Poets - Elizabeth Holden
Group 2: Malta and O'Rkney Videos - Simon Hedges
3:30-4:00pm Lobby Break for Tea/Coffee and chat in the O'Tel
4:00-5:30pm Lymond Room
Nicholas Room
Group 1: Irish Music from Thorfinn to Westlife - Cynthia Byrne
Group 2: Lymopoly - Play the Game, Suffer the Trauma! - Simon Hedges
6:00-7:30pm Onophrion's Dinner in the O'Tel
7:45pm Lobby/Car Park Gather to get ready for the Coach
8:00pm-Late Coach Trip by Coach to Dublin for a Literary Pub Crawl. Professional actors will lead us on a tour of the literary pubs/sites of Dublin with recitations by many of Ireland’s famous authors/poets. The tour includs stops in literary pubs and places of interest in Dublin itself and will end with a quiz and a prize!

Sunday 18 November
7:30-9:00am Onophrion's Breakfast in the O'Tel
9:00-10:30am Lymond Room
Nicholas Room
Group 1: The Definitive Casting Game - Panel Discussion
Group 2: The Story of a Book - Lynn Kerstan and Alicia Rasley
10:30-11:00am Lobby Break for Tea/Coffee and chat in the O'Tel
11:00-12:30am Nicholas Room Irish Language and History - Pat O'Connor
1:00-2:30pm Onophrion's Final O'Spit lunch with entertainment provided by the O'Spit O'Whistlers led by Jenny Smith.
Also presentations and closing word.

Times and Sessions are subject to change.

This is a very packed programme so:

1. Please be prompt - especially for meals (1 hour for an evening meal is a very short time)
2. You're adult. If you are late for a coach, whether leaving or returning, you will be left to make your own way home.
3. Please feel free to leave events (e.g. Comhaltas, Pub Crawl) early if you wish - we won't be offended. Just let Cindy or Simon know.

Other Activities:
EASTON VI – Marc Line who has been involved with this archaeological excavation of a Roman villa for nearly two decade is bringing some of his best bits to show. A display area will be set up and Marc will be delighted to talk about the finds and answer questions.

PICTURE THE FAMILY TREE - A variation of the casting game! – A large white board will be set for each of of the LC, HN and KH with names of the characters from the books and places for you to put a pass-port sized photo of YOUR favourite choice of actor/personality to play the part! There will be a ballot of the O’Spitters and a discussion of the Whiteboards and final voting on the Sunday. The winners will be announced at the final luncheon.

DUNNETT OLYMPICS – Bring a picture (a modest picture) of yourself wriggling up from the bottom of a bed! Best picture, as decided by the O’Spitters, will be awarded a prize at the final luncheon.


Visitors from North America may like to know that, in November, Dublin is 5 Hours ahead of New York time.
If you have limited time, you may wish to make sure that your flight to Dublin is a direct flight. Many flights stop over at Shannon Airport in the West of Ireland, and this will add about 2 hours to the flight time. A direct flight should take about 6 hours.
For British visitors - Dublin is on the same time as the UK and flights from the UK take between 40 minutes and 1hr 20 minutes. Airlines flying to Dublin are BA, Aer Lingus and Ryanair.

Version 2.1 - 10 Nov 2001 - changes as a result of DD's death.
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