The Folk Museum and the House of Bernardo De Opuo
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"When the smoke cleared this time, the walls of the Citadel were down, and the men, women and children in the houses and lanes behind them were dead. ...
 man, crazily, stepping out of the fumes and the bloody rubble, scrambled over the wrecked battlements, stumbled down the steep hillside beyond and like an engine marched straight for the Ottoman army. Even from the palace you could name him: Bernardo da Fonte, an arequbus tight in one hand, a crossbow in the other. At a good place he stopped, laid fown his crossbow and with deliberation fired first one weapon and then the other into the enemy. Then sword in hand he raced into the dazzle of converging scimatars. Oonagh stayed, Galatian's arms around her, to see so much. Then, thrusting him abruptly away she went to look for Maria da Fonte.
          She found her, with her two daughters, on the threshold of her home. Before he had walked out to kill and be killed, her husband had used his sword with insane mercy. Maria and the children were dead."

The Disorderly Knights, Part Two, Chapter 4

O Mill, What Hast Thou Ground?
This is the interior of the Folk Museum in the Citadel. It is housed in some restored houses.
Notice the ceiling vaulting with the spare use of wood. Wood is very scarce on Malta and Gozo, and is used as little as possible.
Ibsen Moment
Did I say wood was scarce? For proof, here is the furniture from a doll's house. It's all carved from stone.

Opposite the folk museum is the house of Bernardo De Opuo, who seems to be the person recorded by Dunnett as Bernardo Fonte.

As the Maltese would say: "Fin-naha t’isfel tat-tarag insibu lapida kommemorattiva ohra bil-Latin u bit-Taljan. Din tfakkar lis-suldat qalbieni Bernardo de Opuo li fil-1551 meta t-Torok habtu ghal Ghawdex u kollox kien jidher mitluf, ghazel li joqtol lil martu u zewg uliedu xebbiet, milli jarahom jaqghu fil-jasar. Wara miet jitqabad ma’ l-ghadu. Il-lapida tikkommemorah fis-sena 1579."

The House of Bernardo Fonte
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